Monday, April 29, 2013


Have you heard of Apparent Project? I hope I've talked about them before because they are an amazing organization working here in Haiti. They provide jobs to a couple hundred people, many who started out living in tents but are now able to afford better housing and to send their kids to school. So many good things happening at Apparent Project!! Please check out their website and consider making a purchase. You won't regret it!

Anyway, last year at some point my coworker Johane had some people from Apparent Project come and train a few "kids" in Gramothe to make paper beads. After some trial and error, there are three young people from Gramothe that have been successful in selling their paper bead jewelry. Our medical director brought some Victoria's Secret bags for them to make necklace/bracelet sets and they were pretty awesome looking. I've been wanting my own necklace, but wanted to put it together myself. So I asked the kids to make me 200 beads. (I needed choices, right?) I thought it might take them a while to finish the beads, but the kids were finished in less than a week!

I am now the happy owner of three different types of beads. My favorites are the small orange-ish beads that Magalie made. So versitile. I have too much to do here before we leave to start playing with these beads, but I have projects in mind for all of them! In fact I wish I had beads in a few other colors, so I may be purchasing more beads in the next couple of weeks.

If you're interested in purchasing some beads from these students, shoot me an e-mail or message on Facebook for more details.


  1. I've been following the Apparent Project on facebook and have been very impressed with their work.

  2. I have some of these beads!! I love them. Got them as a gift :)