Saturday, March 2, 2013

Land Dispute Update

The title is a little misleading. I don't actually have an update on the land dispute. I only have a wee bit of information from one of my students who lives on the disputed land.

One of my crochet students, we'll just call her E, lives in a house on the land in question. Her family rents from one of the men in our church. Anyway, she told me that "they" came to her house and broke the windows and doors out of the building,but didn't tear down any walls. I assumed by "they" she meant the people who own the land. Oh, "they" also took all of her family's belongings out of the house while they were there. She said there are only two houses in the area that haven't been touched. Some of the houses have more damage than others.

I asked where her family is living now. She said the guy they rent from put a new door up and they have moved back in for now. She said "they" will come back, but her family doesn't know when. The family hopes to be living somewhere else when "they" return, but will need to find a new place to rent. She said a lot of the people are looking for new places to rent. But it's difficult financially. Often people pay rent for a year at a time. If a family has paid rent for a year and then is forced out of the house by a third party (the actual land owners), the tenants rightfully want the landlord to refund the money for the months they won't be living there. But how many landlords are able/willing to do that? I imagine for many of them that money has been spent already.

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