Monday, December 12, 2011

Guest Teacher

Last Monday a computer guru arrived at the guest house to volunteer his time with MTM. Not only was he enthusiastic about sharing his computer knowledge with the students, he also speaks French fluently! He provided a great opportunity for our students, and I'm thankful for his time here. The students are very sad to see him go.

End of the semester exams started on Tuesday, so the schedule for computer class was not consistent. The high school students were quite occupied with studying and preparing for their tests. However, each afternoon the majority of the class joined us in the lab after they finished their exams. The boys especially were eager to jump back on the computers.

Thomas taught the students how to create a folder on the computer and also reviewed the basics of word processing. The students worked hard each day to re-familiarize themselves with the computer, and he even created a friendly competition several days to test their knowledge. I am so excited for the jumpstart Thomas has given to my "advanced" computer students.

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  1. I'm a longtime friend of Thomas from the U.S. I was just wondering the other day if he would be joining us for Christmas dinner at my sister's house but I see he has finally made it to Haiti. Wish him well for me and may you all have a Merry Christmas!

    With love,
    Gayle Rose