Saturday, September 10, 2011

Student Spotlight: Shnider

Shnider is quite the young man. He's fluent in English and loves to talk, so I know quite a bit about his life. At the beginning of the year, he was one of the three boys that walked down the mountain with me. Often we walked all the way to the MTM guest house gate because he lives just past Willem and Beth. I like Shnider because he often explains the culture and traditions to me before I ask.

Shnider is the oldest of 7 kids (well he might be the second oldest, but he's the oldest boy for sure). He is a young man of integrity who sets a good example for others. He often volunteers to help with tasks at school and church--in fact it would be a lengthy list if I tried to tell you all this kid does in Gramothe. Willem trusts Shnider more than any other student because he is so responsible and dedicated. This year he was in charge of making sure the generator always had gas. He would carry the gas containers to the gas station (a tap-tap ride halfway down the mountain), get gas, and then carry it back up the mountain. One time he walked up the mountain to school and discovered that the generator didn't have any gas. The elementary was supposed to be having chapel, so he ran from Gramothe to Thomassin 36 (maybe 2 miles) to find Willem to get money and buy gas--all before school started.

Shnider was in Rheto this year, which is the equivalent of being a junior in the States. The Ministry of Education requires all Rheto students to pass a national exam to move on to Philo, the final year of high school. Shnider earned the highest score of the MTM Rheto students. He's looking forward to being among the first students to graduate from an MTM school. The kid has big dreams for his life. He wants to go to university and eventually marry and have a family. But most of all he wants to serve the Lord with his life. Pray that Shnider would continue to shine the light of Jesus Christ so that others will come to know the Lord.

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  1. And pretty accomplished in leadership too I might add ...