Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Paper

There are two things I absolutely love about reading the Sunday newspaper. The first is the News of the Weird. Blame it on the influence of my male relatives and their sick sense of humor, but I can't get enough of this column! Seriously, it's good stuff.

The other part I like about reading this Sunday paper is seeing pictures of or articles about people I know. This week there was an article about a Five Star event that included a picture of kids from my school. I also read about some of my former students in a depressing article about the wrestling team's loss at the State finals. (They were ranked number one in the state, but lost in the first round. It's a mighty blow to the wrestling pride in this city.)

Another section I am sure to check each Sunday is the crime page. There's a map of the area marked with different types of crimes. I always check to see if there have been any crimes in my neighborhood. At the bottom of the crime page there is a question answer section and the Crime Stoppers corner. Today, like all Sundays, I dreaded looking at the pictures of the four most wanted criminals in Michiana because I was afraid I'd see the faces of my former students. Today my fears were realized: I recognized one of the faces. But it wasn't the face of a former student (thank you, Jesus!). No, instead I saw this father of three of my former students is wanted for promoting prostitution. What a legacy to leave your kids.

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  1. I've noticed that in many criminals head shots, they're if they don't think they did anything wrong...or that they're even proud...

    Praying for their hearts!